General FAQ's

What is Bundle Stars?
Bundle Stars is a new website that offers amazing collections of games at awesomely low prices. Bundle Stars is owned and operated by Focus Multimedia Ltd, one of the UK's leading independent computer games and software publishers.
How do I redeem APB reloaded?
- Go to the Steam Store and search for APB Reloaded. This is marked 'Free to play'.
- Add the game to your Library.
- Go into your Steam Library and "Play" the game.
- On the APB Launcher window that appears, wait for the game to update itself (if necessary) then click "Start".

Note: At one point in the code redemption process you will be prompted to log into your GamersFirst account (or create one and log in if you don't have an account already).

- After a short pause the game will open in a window.
- Create one game character then return to the Lobby.
- From the Lobby, go into the ARMAS Marketplace. Wait for the Marketplace page to load, then click the 'REDEEM CODE' button.
- Enter your BundleStars code into the box on the screen and click 'Redeem Code'.
- If successful, you will be shown the message 'You are about to redeem: BundleStars APB Bundle #1'.
- Click "Continue", select your character name and click "Redeem" to complete the redemption.
Why are there small additional charges on my bank statement?
They are authorisation charges made by Stripe the first time you use them. They are small charges made to verify your card, and while they do reverse the charge immediately, some banks are a little slow in displaying this, and will sometimes show the customer the charge on their statement. It'll automatically drop off once the bank 'catches up' with the process, and it isn't a 'real' charge.
I bought the Indie Jam #2 Bundle which included a Desura Key for Holy Avatar vs Maidens of the Dead. Can I have a Steam key for that game?
All our customers who bought The Indie Jam #2 Bundle from us can now get a Steam key for Holy Avatar vs Maidens of the Dead. Obviously a Desura account needs to be created first, and your Holy Avatar vs Maidens of the Dead key needs to be redeemed on there.

Once this is done:-

1. Log into your Desura account.
2. Click on "Gifts" at the bottom of the screen, then click on "your collection" to bring up a list of your games.
3. Find Holy Avatar vs Maidens of the Dead on your list of games, then click on "Keys" next to the game name.
4. This will show your Desura key, and underneath it there is a button which says "Get Steam key". Click "Get Steam Key".
5. Copy the Steam key and redeem it on Steam.
I bought the outer limits bundle, and for Blades of Time, the edition of the game is advertised to also include the original soundtrack, an art book, and some wallpapers. Could you tell me how I can access that material?
You can find the content in this Windows directory after installing it:-

C\:Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Blades of Time\content\extended

I've activated Axis Game Factory Pro, and Axis Game Factory Premium DLC, but the games are not showing in my Steam library.
These products are classed as Software by Steam so you need to look under SOFTWARE in your library. Open your Steam Library, then click 'ALL GAMES' above your games list. In the dropdown list that appears, click 'ALL SOFTWARE'.
My Steam keys for GT Legends and GTR FIA GT Racing are not accepted by Steam. Steam says the keys are too long.
Can you please try the keys without the dashes as this has been found to work in most cases. If the problem persists, please report the matter to us on
Steam accepts my key but the game doesn't show in my Steam library. Why?
This is a Steam issue and you can fix it in most cases by waiting a few minutes or closing your Steam client completely, then restarting it. If the game for your accepted key does not appear after restarting the Steam client, please contact Steam support as only they can help you with that.
Why is Bundle Stars so cheap? Is it legal?
Bundle Stars was launched in November 2012 and we have many thousands of satisfied customers from over 100 countries around the world. We work directly with our trusted publishing and developer partners. They provide us with such incredible discounts on their awesome games because (a) they trust us and, in many cases, have worked with us for years; and (b) the more bundles we sell, the lower the price we can offer. So don't worry; everything is perfectly genuine and legal and above board..
Do I need a PayPal account?
You do need to use the PayPal payment processor, but you don't necessarily need a PayPal account. When you get to the PayPal payment screen choose that you want to pay using a credit or debit card. Paypal will then process your credit card order and return you to the store.
Do I need to pay VAT?
If your IP address is mapped to the UK or a European Union (EU) country, then you will be required to pay VAT. VAT charges are not included for those who live outside the EU.
Can I pay with any currency?
Purchases are made in GBP (£) if your location is the UK, EUROS (€) for EU countries, and US Dollars ($) for the rest of the world.
I am told BundleStars has moved it's mailing list. How can I subscribe?
You're right, we have moved our mailing list and we want to ensure that you still want to receive it. If you would like to subscribe then please visit and complete the 3 boxes.
Can I pay using a pre-paid VISA gift card?
Yes, you can. Select PayPal as your payment option, then when you're on the PayPal website choose "Debit/Credit Card" as your method of payment.

If PayPal prompts requests your name and address, you will have to register your pre-paid gift card first by visiting the website printed on your gift card.

Why did my friend pay less than me?
Purchases are made in GBP (£) if your location is the UK, EUROS (€) for EU countries, and US Dollars ($) for the rest of the world. Differences in price may occur because of a number of reasons:
1) If your IP address is mapped to the UK or a European Union (EU) country, then you will be required to pay VAT. VAT charges are not included for those who live outside the EU.
2) Payments made through PayPal in a different currency may be subject to PayPal conversion charges.
3) Exchange rates can cause small fluctuations in the price for some currencies.
4) We might just change the price!
How do I receive Mystery Titles?
Sometimes a bundle will contain one or more Mystery Titles.

If the bundle you purchased includes Mystery Titles they will be displayed as boxes containing question marks/mystery symbols.

Mystery titles are unlocked later while the bundle is still offered for sale. When the mystery titles are unlocked, all purchasers will be emailed instructions explaining how to get the mystery titles.

Can I buy just one of the games in a bundle?
No, we can't split a bundle. If you want to buy fewer games you can also check out our Deals section where we often sell individual games and mini bundles too.
I live in a small hut in the desert - can I buy the games?
As long as you have a computer, an internet connection and a PayPal / Google Wallet account or credit/debit card! At Bundle Stars, we can accept purchases worldwide.
I already own some of the games in the bundle, can I give these games to a friend?
Yes, you can pass on the individual Steam® keys to a friend to redeem. Please remember that each Steam® key can only be redeemed once.
I haven't received my keys in an email! What do I do?
Try checking your spam or junk folder, as it may have been misfiled. You can also find your keys on your 'My Account' page when you sign in to this website.
I've purchased the bundle, but lost my log in details - what do I do?
If you don't know your password, click here to be sent a reminder.
Can I get a refund?
All purchases are non-refundable. If you are not sure whether a game will work on your computer, please check the system requirements for Steam® or Desura; and the individual bundle games before downloading.
What is Steam?
Steam is a free piece of software that allows you to manage your games, buy new ones, and interact with the Steam community. Many games sold on Bundle Stars can be redeemed on Steam.
Do I need to install Steam?
Yes, for the games that are redeemable through Steam. To access these games, you need to download and register on Steam for free via the official Steam website. Steam is free to join and easy to use.
What is Desura?
Desura is a digital distribution service that puts games and other downloadable content at gamers fingertips through its free digital distribution application.
Do I need to install Desura?
Yes, for the games that are redeemable through Desura. To access these games, you need to install the Desura application, which is available free on the official Desura website.
What is DRM-free?
DRM-free refers to media without Digital Rights Management (DRM). Games that are marked as DRM-free can be downloaded directly, without using a digital distribution platform/service.
What PC requirements do I need?
The PC requirements for each game are detailed on the home page in the product description sections below the heading 'More on these great games'. You can find out the requirements for Steam® on the Steam® website - click here. For Desura game system requirements, click here.
When will this offer end?
The counter on the individual Bundle or Deal page displays the length of time until the current offer ends. When this timer runs out, the current bundle/deal; will no longer be available for purchase. Sign up to our email newsletter on the home page to be notified of new bundles and deals.
Will there be any more bundles in the future?
Yes - we launch new bundles and deals regularly. Release dates will be announced on Facebook, Twitter, and through our mailing list - sign up now so you don't miss out!
What if something goes wrong?
Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! Our typical working hours are Monday to Friday (UK timezone, so please take that into account if you are from the other side of the world!).
I'm a developer! How can I get in touch about being involved in future bundles?
We always love to hear from game developers. Get in touch by clicking here.
I entered the game key into Steam and then when I run the game it asks me for a CD key. Where can I find the CD key?
Some Steam or Desura games may also ask you for a CD key when you first run them. To find out the CD key, open your Steam or Desura client, then select the game and choose Play. You will then be shown a message with your CD key.
Redemption Instructions for Warframe (The Quickfire Bundle)
1. Sign up for a Warframe Account at (If you already have a Warframe account, go to step 2
2. Go to
3. Enter your redemption code in the "Promo Code" box in the bottom right hand of the web page
4. The package has now been added to your account (if you are currently logged into Warframe, you may need to logout and log back in for items to be applied to your account) Please note: This promotion is only redeemable once per Warframe Account. Warframe codes are not for resale.
What are the system requirements for The Hacker Bundle?
Hacker Evolution:

OS: Windows XP or later; Processor: 1GHz; Memory: 512MB; Hard Disk Space: 200MB; Video Card: DirectX compatible video card; Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card; Direct X Version: 8.0; Supported Languages: English.

Hacker Evolution: Untold

PC OS: Windows XP or later; Processor: 1GHz; Memory: 512MB; Hard Disk Space: 200MB;Video Card: DirectX compatible video card; Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card ;Direct X Version: 8.0

MAC OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8; Processor: 1GHz; Memory: 512MB; Hard Disk Space: 200MB; Video Card: 32Mb video card; Supported Languages: English.

Hacker Evolution Duality

PC OS: Windows XP or later; Processor: 1GHz CPU; Memory: 1GB; Hard Disk Space: 100MB; Video Card: OpenGL compliant video card; Sound Card: DirectX compliant sound card; Direct X Version: 8.0

MAC OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later; Processor: 1GHz; Memory: 512MB; Hard Disk Space: 200MB; Video Card: 32Mb video card

LINUX Processor: 1GHz CPU; Memory: 1GB; Hard Disk Space: 100MB; Supported Languages: English.

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